How to Get & Remove Daedream Necklace Palworld

In our How to Get & Remove Daedream Necklace Palworld guide, the first thing we are going to show you is how to obtain this necklace and what it does. After that, we’ll discuss whether you can remove the Daedream Necklace and what your options are otherwise. You’ll understand why that can be important in a second. Here we go!

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how to get & remove daedream necklace palworld
How to Get & Remove Daedream Necklace Palworld

How to Get Daedream Necklace in Palworld

Before we discuss whether you can get the Daedream Necklace in Palworld, let’s first explain how you get on in the first place and what it does. The Necklace unlocks at Technology level 8 (after you catch at least one Daedream). Also, you can only construct it on a Pal Gear Workbench. It requires 5x Leather, 10x Fiber, and 10x Paldium Fragments. Once you make it, the item will go into your Key Items and stays there.

Once you have the Deadream Necklace, every Deadream you have in your party will constantly be at your side, without the need to summon any of them. So, you could theoretically have a whole army of Pals following you everywhere and doing quite a lot of damage to any foes. However, as useful as they can be, they can also be a hindrance. As in, they might constantly kill Pals you’re trying to catch or get in the way when you’re building. That brings us to our next point…

Can You Remove Daedream Necklace in Palworld

No, you can’t remove the Deadream Necklace in Palworld, there’s no way to unequip it. It’s a Key Item, and at time of writing, there’s no way to get rid of it. That might change in future updates, but at the moment, you’re stuck with the Necklace and the Deadream it surrounds you with. There are ways to get around this, though. If they keep killing Pals you want to capture, press 4 on the keyboard and order them to stop attacking anything. You can toggle this whenever you want. And if they’re in your way while you’re trying to build, well… the only fix there is to temporarily remove them from your party. Put them in the Palbox or something.

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