Can Bosses Be Lucky in Palworld - Can Alpha Pals Spawn Lucky?

Can Palworld bosses spawn as lucky in the wild? It’s not a secret that Palworld shares many similarities with the Pokemon series, both in terms of visuals and in terms of gameplay mechanics. One such familiar feature is that some Pals can have a shiny variant, known as lucky in Palworld. However, can Alpha Pals be lucky in Palworld? Read on as we explain all you need to know about the topic at hand.

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Can Bosses Be Lucky in Palworld - Can Alpha Pals Spawn Lucky?
Can Bosses Be Lucky in Palworld – Can Alpha Pals Spawn Lucky?

Can Alpha Pals Spawn Lucky In Palworld – Are There Lucky Bosses?

So, is there a chance for an Alpha Pal to spawn as lucky in the wild in Palworld? If you’re hoping to catch a shiny boss in the wild, we have good news for you. Yes, it has been confirmed that boss Pals can be lucky in the wild as well. Hence, whenever you encounter a boss fight while exploring the world, there is a chance that the boss will spawn as lucky. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet encountered a lucky Alpha pal ourselves. However, a player on Reddit who goes by the name RandomRimuru has confirmed that this can happen. In addition, he also claims that there is a bug which allows you to abuse their spawning.

“The Boss can also be shiny. And you can reload the boss (which might be a bug); when you see it and move far enough away, you can change the boss endlessly,” RandomRimuru wrote. We didn’t try this one out, but if it works like this, we hope it will get patched out soon. However, keep in mind that lucky Pals are incredibly rare in general. On average, during your adventures, you will be able to find around one lucky Pal every 10 hours of playtime in Palworld. As you can see, that’s exceptionally rare. Thus, the odds of encountering a lucky boss pal in the wild are even rarer. If we catch one, we will make sure to update this article!

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