How to Make Crusher in Palworld, Watering Required

Crafting and slowly and methodically building up your base is a very important gameplay element of Palworld. There are many, many things to construct, with one of these being the Crusher. This object allows you to break down your Stone and Wood and to then exchange them for other materials. As Stone and Wood are some of the easiest materials to get, this is a very useful building to have. So if you are wondering how to make the Crusher in Palworld, and what to do if you are getting the Watering Required message, as well as if the Crusher is not working, then our guide is here to answer all of these questions and more.

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How to Make Crusher in Palworld, Watering Required
How to Make Crusher in Palworld, Watering Required

How to Build Crusher in Palworld

To be able to build the Crusher, you will first need to reach Level 8 and unlock it as a technology. Then, you’re going to need the following materials to construct it: x50 Wood, x20 Stone, and x10 Paldium Fragment.

Palworld Watering Required Explained

Once the construction is complete, and you try to use the Crusher, you can get the following message “Required: Watering”. What this means is that you need to get a Pal that has the Watering Skill. This includes Water type Pals, such as: Fuack, Pengullet, Penking, Teafant, Celaray, Gobfin, Surfent, Kelpsea, Azurobe, Relaxaurus, and Jormuntide. Of course, not all of these are equally easy to get, so we recommend that you go for Fuack, Pengullet, and Teafant as one of the easier ones. Once you have captured them and sent them to your base, you can then interact with the Crusher and the Watering Pal in question is going to come and start working it for you.

Palworld Stone Crusher Not Working

In case the Crusher is not working, the most likely reason why this is happening is that the Crusher is rotated in such a way that a Pal that can Water it can’t approach it to do this. The solution here is to remove the Crusher and rebuild it in another spot and rotate in such a way that the Pal can normally interact with it.

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