Persona 5 Not Coming to PC or Nintendo Switch

Well, that’s a nice way to crush people’s dreams. There’s been official confirmation that Persona 5 will not be coming to either PC or Nintendo Switch. The platforms that have been announced already are all we’re getting. Curiously enough, the Xbox consoles haven’t been mentioned at all, but that probably doesn’t mean anything.

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persona 5 not coming to pc nintendo switch
Persona 5 not getting Switch or PC port

The news comes via John Hardin, Atlus’ PR manager. Hardin took to Twitter to put an end to rumors that have been spreading for the past couple of weeks. According to his tweet, Persona 5 will only be released on Playstation 4 and Playstation 3.

It’s sad news, but frankly, it was to be expected. The Shin Megami Tensei series (of which Persona was born) have always called Playstation consoles home, and the relationship is obviously beneficial enough for them to disregard other platforms entirely. It’s a strange business decisions, but one that obviously works well for all parties. Except for the players.

Persona 5 is a role playing game in which you take control of a high school student. By day, you attend classes, take on part time jobs, make friends, practice sports and enjoy hobbies. By night, you are transported to The Palace, a mystical place where you take on a Persona with magical powers, fighting the inhabitants of the strange place. You’re not alone in all this – you’ll assemble a gang of like-minded youths, with abilities much like your own.

The game will be released on April 4th in the US and Europe. The Japanese verison has been out in the wild for several months already, so if you know the language, you could already be playing it.

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