How to Change Appearance - Pokemon BDSP Character Customization Outfits & Hairstyles

Character customization options have always been some of the most enjoyable things about many games. Getting the chance to change how your character looks and to alter things such as their hairstyles and outfits makes that character seem much more personal and uniquely ours. But how does this work in Pokemon BDSP? To answer that question, our How to Change Appearance – Pokemon BDSP Character Customization Outfits & Hairstyles guide will explain everything you need to know about customization options in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

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How to Change Appearance - Pokemon BDSP Character Customization Outfits & Hairstyles

How to Change Appearance – Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Character Customization

During character creation, after naming your Trainer, you will then get the option to select your gender and skin tone, based on several photos from a lineup. Note that this choice is permanent and that you cannot change it once you start the game. If you want to have a Trainer who looks different, you will need to restart the game. So, choose wisely here. Thankfully, the outfits and hairstyles aren’t locked and can be changed during the course of the game. However, this can only be done later in the game, and not at the very start.

To be able to change your outfits and hairstyles, you will need to have reached Veilstone City. You will gain access to this location after you defeat Gym Leader, Gardenia, in Eterna City. It will take around 10-12h of playtime to get to Veilstone City. Once you enter the city, look for Metronome Style Shop. It is located in the southern part of the city. Character customization is somewhat limited. You won’t be able to select individual pieces of clothing, but instead an entire set. These all cover a certain theme, such as Spring, Winter, Eevee, and so on. When it comes to your hairstyle customization, this is also entirely dependant on your outfit. When you change outfits, your hairstyle will also change. It is tied to the outfit and cannot be altered independently from it.

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