Electrizer Pokemon BDSP - How to Get Electrizer

The Electrizer in Pokemon BDSP can evolve Pokemon in the Elekid lineage, so you need to know how to get the Electrizer if you want Electrabuzz or Electivre. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to come by. Even in the right locations, Elekid is a rare Pokemon. When you do encounter it, it may not be holding the item you need. Read on as we tell you how to get the Electrizer in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Electrizer Pokemon BDSP - How to Get Electrizer
Electrizer Pokemon BDSP – How to Get Electrizer

How to Get Electrizer Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

You will find Electrizers attached to Elekid Pokemon. These are exclusive to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. If you are a Shining Pearl player, then trading is going to be the only way for you to get your hands on one.

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The thief move is essential before you can begin. This allows you to steal items from certain Pokemon. To get this, you need to start in Eterna City. Make sure you have completed the second gym. You should have the cut ability by this point, so you can take down trees that are blocking your path.

In the same city, look for the tall blue building with trees blocking the door. You need to chop the trees down using cut and go into the building. When you come back out there is a path along the side of the skyscraper you must follow.

Another tree is in the top right corner. Cut this down and follow the path further to find the TM item. You now have thief and can steal items from Pokemon.

Next, there is an old bald man with who you should speak with. He is in the house next door to the Pokemart. He will give you a digger drill to access the underground where you can look for Elekid.

Elekid will be in any Dazzling or White-Out caves, or the Star Gleam and Glacial Caverns. Look around in these areas until one appears. If it does not, leave and return. When in combat, you need to use thief to see if you can snag an Electrizer from Elekid. Each one only has a 5% chance of holding one. Once you have it, click here and read our guide on how to evolve your Pokemon.

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    5% chance, not 50%. Also, thief is a move, not an ability. These facts are important and the fact that they’re wrong in your article could cause issues for newer trainers.

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