How to Get Elekid, Electabuzz & Evolve Into Electivire Pokemon BDSP

Knowing how to Get Elekid is essential if you want to evolve into Electabuzz & Electivire in Pokemon BDSP. Elekid holds a specific item required to trigger evolutions. In addition, this Pokemon is exclusive to Brilliant Diamond. With a low spawn rate, finding one you need is a long process. Read on as we tell you how to get Elekid, Electabuzz and Electivre in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

How to Get Elekid, Electabuzz & Evolve Into Electivire Pokemon BDSP
How to Get Elekid, Electabuzz & Evolve Into Electivire Pokemon BDSP

Where to Find Elekid Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Elekid is always found underground. It will be in Dazzling or White-Out caves. The Star Gleam and Glacial Caverns are also places you may find it. If you are in these areas, they still have a low spawn rate. If one does not appear, leave, and then return.

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Before you can reach the underground, you do have to perform a few tasks. If you want to evolve Electabuzz to Electivre later then you will also need to take the time to find the Electrizer item. You can only get these from Elekid Pokemon. Check out our guide on how to get one here.

Elekid Evolution – How to Evolve Elekid Into Electabuzz in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Unlike later evolutions, Elekid will evolve into Electabuzz without the Electrizer. Once you have followed the guide and got the item, hold onto it. You just need to get an Elekid to level 30 to evolve it.

How to Evolve Electabuzz Into Electivire in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

To further evolve your Electabuzz into Electivre, you need to trade with another player. Take your level 30 or above Electabuzz and make sure it has the Electrizer. You can then swap this with a friend to trigger the evolution. They can then send it back to you.

Remember that these Pokemon are exclusive to Brilliant Diamond. Shining Pearl has similar tasks with the Magmar lineage. This means there will be plenty of people wanting to help you out that have the other title.

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    You DO NOT need the item to evolve Elekid into Electabuzz. You only need the item when evolving Electabuzz into Electivire as it needs to hold it while it is traded.

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    Melissa Amick

    This doesn’t make sense. How do you evolve Elekid when the only ones that can be found are high levels?
    They don’t breed with ditto, so how can I evolve to Electabuzz without a lower level Elekid?

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