Get Shiny Charm in Pokemon BDSP

Shiny Pokemon have always been some of the rarest and hardest to acquire in any Pokemon game and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (aka – Pokemon BDSP) is no different when it comes to this. Usually, the odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon are very, very low and require that you do a lot of grinding until you get one. That is, if you don’t have the Shiny Charm. This item increases your chances to receive a Shiny variant when you hatch a Pokemon egg (not when you encounter Pokemon in the wild). However, to be able to get this item, you will need to do several things in the game first. In this Get Shiny Charm in Pokemon BDSP guide, we will explain what those are.

Get Shiny Charm in Pokemon BDSP

How to Get Shiny Charm Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

To be able to get the highly sought after Shiny Charm in Pokemon BDSP, you need to complete the National Pokedex and catch all the Pokemon in the game. Note that this is different from simply encountering and seeing every single Pokemon, no, you need to actually capture them (“Gotta catch ’em all!”, indeed). Once you have accomplished this gargantuan task, go to the Hotel Grand Lake. Head inside, where you will see several NPCs.

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In an amusing meta-moment, two of these will turn out to be the Game Directors for the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl game. They will congratulate you for mastering the game to such a degree and will present you with rewards for doing so. These are the Catching Charm and the, much more important for you, the Shiny Charm. With the Shiny Charm, your odds of hatching a Shiny Pokemon will rise substantially. In previous games, this Shiny Charm affected all Pokemon, including those encountered in the wild, but for Pokemon BDSP, it only affects the eggs.

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    Just a question: How can you complete national dex if celebi, deoxys, darkrai, shaymin and arceus aren’t available ingame yet?

    1. S
      Shane LaVallie

      You won’t ever be required to have mythical Pokemon to complete your dex because most of them are events that are easily missed

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