How to Get Regigigas Pokemon BDSP

How to get Regigigas in Pokemon BDSP is one of the lengthiest challenges you will face. It is a post-game achievement, which feels like an added post-game in itself. To get your encounter, you need to catch three titans before you can even bring it to life. You also need to complete a series of puzzles to reach his location. Read on as we tell you where to find and how to catch Regigigas in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

How to Get Regigigas Pokemon BDSP
How to Get Regigigas Pokemon BDSP

Where to find Regigigas is not easy and involves some travel. Firstly, you won’t do it unless you are post-game. Defeat the Elite Four and Cynthia. After this, you have to upgrade to the National Pokedex by visiting Professor Oak in Sandgem Town. You can read our guide on how to complete all this here.

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How to Get Regigigas in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Now you have done this, head to Ramanas Park. Here, you need to catch Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. The Titantrio will allow you to instigate the battle with Regigigas later down the line. But this itself involves a little work.

Start by going to the Grand Underground. When here, you need to do a lot of mining. Get hold of as many Mysterious Shards as you can.

At the entrance to Ramanas park, you can trade them for Discovery Slates. You will need three slates in total, one to activate each of the titans. Once you have caught all three, you can move to the next step.

Your next location is the Snowpoint Temple. Here, a woman at the door will turn you away. Keep trying to enter and a girl will turn up, telling the woman to let you explore. Go inside and travel to the lowest floor.

There are two ice puzzles to complete as you travel down. When on level B3, enter next to the brown rock. You will need to slide down, left, up, right, and up. On B5, come in from the second tile on the right. Down, down, right, up, left down, right, and then up should solve this.

When complete, a statue of Regigigas will appear. It will only come to life if you have all the other three titans in your party, so assign them correctly.  Pressing A will initiate the fight. If you have acquired the Master Ball, now may be a good time to use it. Ensure you save your game so you can keep trying to encounter.

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