How to Catch Mesprit Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

If you are wondering how to catch Mesprit in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, then get ready for some traveling. Mesprit is one of the legendary roaming Pokemon introduced in Generation 2. This means it does not have fixed locations but travels around the map. You can find them with the use of the Marking Map. Read on as we discuss how to catch Mesprit in Pokemon BDSP.

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How to Catch Mesprit Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl
How to Catch Mesprit Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

How to Get Mesprit Pokemon BDSP

You need to get quite far into the main story and complete the team Galactic narrative before you can start the quest for Mesprit. After this, head to Lake Verity. In the center of the lake is a small cavern, and it is here that you will find Mesprit.

Mesprit will be waiting in the center of the cave. As soon as you interact with it, it will fly away. Professor Rowan will appear and suggest that you use the Marking Map on your Poketch to follow it. You can then find out where Mesprit is and travel to the area to catch the Pokemon.

This is where the problem starts, as Mesprit does not stay still. If you are wondering where to find Mesprit, then the location changes. Avoid using fly, as this will make them go to a different area entirely when you travel. Even if you travel on foot, they will move by the time you reach the destination. This means you have to use some clever tactics to encounter it.

How to Get Mesprit Pokemon BDSP
How to Get Mesprit Pokemon BDSP

One of the best methods is to travel to a city with multiple exits. Try crossing the border and returning, until the Pokemon appears at a route attached to the town. Two particular areas are good for this. Floaroma Town and the Valley Windworks on Route 205 is a good place to keep crossing. Jubilife City also has several exits and is good for this technique.

As soon as the Pokemon is in the location, save the game. Even if another Pokemon interrupts or you don’t manage to catch it, you can then reload. Both of the given areas have lots of tall grass you can search in for Mesprit.

When you encounter Mesprit, you only get one turn until it flees, and you have to start the process again. To prevent this, there are a few things you can do. The first is to deploy your Master Ball if you have not already used it. Other than this, try to keep it immobile. Mean Look can stop it from fleeing. Luckily, any damage you do carries over to the next encounter, making the battle easier next time around.

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  1. K
    Kevin James

    You need to complete the main story and become the champion of the Sinnoh Region before you can start the quest for Mesprit.….

    No…. I caught mine before completing the main story…. I believe you just need to complete the Team Galatic Arc and also have the Marking Map, which you get before the end of the story…Then you can go directly to the lake and start the quest…

    1. S
      Shae Heinhuis

      Same here

  2. A

    It flees even through the hypnosis, so i just wasted a heart scale on a move maniac. 😐😐😐😐

    1. H
      Harrison Marcum

      If you apply any status affects to it, it will flee. I used Mean look to keep it at bay, and it stays unless I apply a status affect

      1. Thanks. Mean Look does seem to work better, updated

      2. D

        These instructions are so complicated, I don’t know how to to follow them. I also don’t know if the places it goes is randomized for every game or if it always goes to the same place every game.

    2. S

      You need mean look

    3. Y

      use mean look and false swipe on an absol. mean look, can’t flee, false swipe take down to one hp on killing blow. aafter that its pokemon go time and yeet all the balls that work on it. i threw about 50 before i caugh mine, that included timer balls

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