Rock Smash Pokemon BDSP - How to Get Rock Smash Hidden Move

Rock Smash is a hidden move in Pokemon BDSP, and you need to know how to get Rock Smash for two reasons. Firstly, it functions as a devasting attack in battle. It also allows you to destroy rocks that are blocking your path on the map. This provides access to hidden areas. Read on as we discuss where to find Rock Smash in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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Rock Smash Pokemon BDSP - How to Get Rock Smash Hidden Move
Rock Smash Pokemon BDSP – How to Get Rock Smash Hidden Move

How to Get Rock Smash – Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Hidden Move

To get this hidden move, you need to travel to Jubilife City. There is a cave to the northeast of the town, known as Oreburgh Gate, and this is the Rock Smash location. An explorer in the cave entrance will give you TM98s. Each of these will contain the move.

You can use these technical machines to teach your Pokemon a move. Once used, they will break. This means you can’t use them more than once. He will also add the Hidden Moves App to your Poketech.

Rock Smash will get rid of boulders that may be in your path.  You can also use it in battle as a fighting-type move. It has a power level of 40, an accuracy of 100, and can lower the target’s defense stat.

Before you can use it in the field, you need to claim the gym badge from Oreburgh City. Travel to Oreburgh then visit the gym in the center of town. Roark the Rock is the gym leader you need to take down. When you defeat her, she gives you a coal badge. You will also get a TM76 that will give the move Stealth Rock.

If you travel back to the Oreburgh Gate, speak to the explorer again. He will tell you that you can now use the move. There are some rocks close by on the path that you can try out rock smash on. 

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