Pokemon GO on Apple Watch Now Available

You can now play Pokemon GO on the Apple Watch. The watchOS version of the hit mobile game was announced back in September, and it’s finally here. Although it’s a stripped-down version of the app, it will be a useful tool for trainers that use Apple products.

Trainers will be able to spin Discs, hatch Eggs, and collect Candy. However, they won’t be able to catch Pokemon via the watch, even though they can get alerts about Nearby Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO on Apple Watch Now Available
Pokemon GO on Apple Watch Now Available

Apple Watch Pokemon GO

After several months of waiting, Pokemon GO is available on iTunes for the Apple Watch. Naturally, the app had to be simplified in order to fit the user interface. The main key feature missing is the ability to catch Pokemon. While the watch can alert you about nearby creatures, you’ll still need to take your phone out to catch them.

Of course, the alert feature is far from useless. You’ll have your hands free since you won’t have to hold your phone; not to mention the battery life you’ll save.

That being said, the rest of the major features will be there. The app will register the distances you walk, making it easier to hatch Eggs. Yes, Eggs will also hatch on the watch, and you can track their progress. You’ll be able to spin PhotoDiscs and collect items, as well. Any candy you earn, presumably both from your Buddy Pokemon and by transferring, will also show up on your watch.

Of course, you’ll be able to access your Pokemon list from the watch. You’ll probably have the options to transfer them, power them up and evolve them as well. The map feature, though simplified, will also be there.

That’s what we’ve got so far on the watch version of Pokemon GO. If you’re a smartwatch fan, this is certainly right up your alley.

What are your experiences with Pokemon GO on the watch? Tell us in the comments!

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