Pokemon Go August Community Day to Spotlight Ralts

Time for another Pokemon Go Community Day. Well, no, not really, it’s about a week away, but Niantic have announced some details about it. Specifically, that it’s gonna take place on August 3rd, and that the Pokemon it’s gonna center on is going to be Ralts.

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Pokemon Go August Community Day to Spotlight Ralts
Pokemon Go August Community Day to Spotlight Ralts

The July Community Day in Pokemon Go, which had Mudkip in its center, has come and gone a few days ago. And, wouldn’t you know it, Niantic has already announced another one. You won’t have to wait much more than a week from today, which is great news for those that enjoy these events. The next Pokemon Go Community Day is going to take place on Saturday, August 3rd. It’ll be happening between 4 PM and 7 PM local time. So, it’ll let you play for those three hours, and still have time to party it up on Saturday night.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Pokemon in focus this time around is going to be Ralts. As is the usual case, during the event, Ralts are going to be appearing at a higher rate in the wild. You know what that means; there’s a much higher chance that you’ll capture a Shiny one. Also, if you evolve the Pokemon while the Community Day is going on, it can learn an exclusive move. At the time of writing, they haven’t announced which move it’s gonna be. Besides, Ralts has two different possible evolutions, so maybe there will be two moves, one for each option.

Now, of course, the usual Community Day bonuses will also apply. For one, lures will last three hours. Also, Eggs will hatch after a quarter of the usual distance. So, yeah; if you’ve got nothing to do on Saturday afternoon, and are still playing Pokemon Go, now you’ve got a date with Ralts.

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