Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Trailer Shows Off New Armor & More

This year’s Solstice of Heroes is just around the corner. The yearly Destiny 2 summer event is going to start on July 30th, and it’ll last for almost a month. It’s going to bring new activities to the game, along with new armor sets and a bunch of cosmetic items. The devs at Bungie have released a trailer which shows off many of the pretty new things they have in store for us.

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destiny 2 solstice of heroes 2019
Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Trailer Shows Off New Armor & More

First of all, the gimmick. Each day will be devoted to a different element. Elemental kills will give you orbs which can be used to complete objectives and upgrade your armor. If you collect 30 orbs that match the daily element, you get a temporary buff. The solar buff will burn enemies close to you. The void buff will make you invisible while crouching, while also giving you truesight and increased ability regeneration. Finally, the arc buff will increase your speed, melee and sword damage.

Then there’s the combat meditations, a new type of activity in which you go to a new area called the European Aerial Zone and fight a bunch of enemies in a three-person team until the time runs out. You’re supposed to kill as many mini-bosses as you can until the clock stops, then fight a proper big boss. Once you’re done, you’ll roam the area and open chests – the more mini-bosses you kill, the more chests you’ll get.

There a new armor set for each class, and it starts off in a state of disrepair. You’ll have to complete objectives to restore it to its former glory, and once you’ve beefed it all the way up, you’ll get a new sparrow as well. There won’t be any special engrams this year, and all the new cosmetics will be available in the Eververse store.

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