Pokemon GO Baby Pokemon Eggs, Type, Evolution & Other Information

Baby Pokemon are a recent addition to Pokemon GO. So far, there’s seven of them, and they are all Generation 2 Pokemon. The only way to obtain them is to hatch them from Eggs. That being the case, it’s a little more difficult to have a comprehensive list of information about them. Fortunately, Reddit has come to the rescue. We now have a list of Baby Pokemon Eggs, Types, CP, Evolution and more.

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Pokemon GO Baby Pokemon Eggs, Type, Evolution and Other Information
Pokemon GO Baby Pokemon Eggs, Type, Evolution & Other Information

Baby Pokemon Information List

Here’s the list of all the info you need about Baby Pokemon.

  • Igglybuff
    Igglybuff hatches from 2 km Eggs. Its type is Normal/Fairy. The Max CP is 293. If you’re walking with it as a Buddy Pokemon, you have to walk 1 km for one Jigglypuff Candy. To evolve it into Jigglypuff, you need 25 Candies.
  • Clefa
    Clefa also hatches from 2 km Eggs, and it’s a Fairy Pokemon. Its maximum CP is 354. Just like Igglypuff, you need to walk with it for 1 km before getting a Clefairy Candy. It takes 25 Candies to evolve into Clefairy.
  • Pichu
    The baby version of Pikachu hatches from 5 km Eggs. Its type is Electric, and you need to walk with it or 1 km to get a Pikachu Candy. For 25 Candies, you can evolve it into Pikachu. The Max CP 215.
  • Togepi
    This is a Fairy-type Pokemon that hatches from 5 km Eggs and has a Max CP of 308. You need 50 Togepi Candies to evolve it into Togetic, and walking with it for 5 km will get you a Togepi Candy.
  • Elekid
    Elekid is another Electric Pokemon and evolves into Electabuzz with 25 Candies. It hatches from 10 km Eggs with a maximum 613 CP. Once you chose him as your Buddy, you need to walk him for 5 km before you get an Electabuzz Candy.
  • Smoochum
    You’ll need a 10 km Egg to have a chance at hatching a Smoochum. When you do, you’ll get a Ice/Psychic Pokemon with a maximum CP of 703. Pick it as your Buddy, and you’ll get a Jynx Candy every 5 km. Once you have 25, you can evolve it into Jynx.
  • Magby
    Magby is a Fire-type Pokemon that hatches from 10 km Eggs. It can evolve into Magmar for 25 Candies. For every 5 km you walk with it, you’ll get one Magmar Candy. Its max CP is 673.

Kudos and a huge thank-you to Reddit user MajklikCZ for putting together all of this information.

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