Star Citizen Star Marine Trailer Released

The Star Marine Trailer for Star Citizen reveals a glimpse of the newest patch. Star Citizen will have a newly-added feature in the 2.6.0 winter update. Star Marine is a first-person combat simulator, where players compete in PvP matches.

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Experience the excitement of fighting for space station domination with this trailer cut from footage captured during actual Star Marine matches.

Among many other new things, Star Marine was introduced to players with the newest Alpha Patch. You can check it all outhere.

You can enjoy this PvP simulator on two maps: OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven. These are the starting maps, and players can expect more in the future. Along with the two new maps, there are two new game modes: Elimination and Last Stand. Elimination is an every-man-for-himself mode where you duke it out for the highest kill-score. Last Stand is where Outlaws and Marines wrestle for control of four key computer access points to earn points for their team over 4 rounds. The team with the most points wins!

Some of the more interesting things are the grenades you can find in ammo crates in Star Marine, Leaderboards standing with the feed on the official site, Loadout Customization where players set their weapons and armor type for both Marine and Outlaws teams.

As of the scoring implemented in Star Marine, you can expect that standard kills are worth +100 points, while the bleed-out ones are +75 points. First blood gives +100, Revenge Kill (your next kill target is the one that last killed you) +50, Ace Award (kill 5 players without dying) +100, +150 points for killing the same target three times, or the same amount for killing the target that got you three times before and many more. There are even negative points; you get -200 if you kill yourself during the match. Be sure to check out update 2.6.0 notes for the full list.

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