Pokemon GO Best Buddy, How to Get

If you need to know how to get the Best Buddy Pokemon GO status, we’ve got your back. Basically, you just need to do a bunch of activities with them and slowly earn enough hearts until you’re the best of friends. In this guide, we’ll show you what these activities are, how many hearts they give you, how many Buddy levels there are and what the bonuses for each are.

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pokemon go best buddy how to get
Pokemon GO Best Buddy, How to Get

How to Get Best Buddy in Pokemon GO 2022

To get to the status of Best Buddy in Pokemon GO in 2022, you need to reach three hundred hearts with your Pokemon of choice. There are a number of ways to do this. First off, giving your Buddy treats can get you up to four hearts; three Berries for one heart if you’re starting from zero. Walking with your buddy can also earn up to four hearts; one for every two kilometers walked. Replacing them for another Pokemon resets progress.

Playing with your Buddy by tapping its icon in AR mode and then petting it with your finger for a few seconds can get you two hearts, and same goes for battling with them, taking a snapshot of them, and spinning a PokeStop or Gym that you’ve never visited with them before. Normally, you can earn up to ten hearts a day, but if the Buddy is in an Excited mood, you can get twice as many. Going through all of these activities should trigger the Excited mood.

How Many Hearts for Best Buddy

You need three hundred hearts to get to the Best Buddy status in Pokemon GO, as we’ve said. The progression has four steps: one heart for Good Buddy, seventy for Great Buddy, a hundred and fifty for Ultra Buddy, and, lastly, three hundred for Best Buddy. At each of these steps, you’ll get some sort of bonus as a reward for your troubles. Here’s a list of them.

  • Good Buddy – Follows you on the map, you can see the Pokemon’s mood
  • Great Buddy – Buddy can give you presents with useful items and sometimes assists in catching
  • Ultra Buddy – Buddy can find PokeStops that will grant more items when spun, will bring you Souvenirs, aka cosmetic items
  • Best Buddy – Buddy gets a CP boost in combat, wears a Best Buddy Ribbon
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