Best Furfrou Forms in Pokemon GO 2023

If you want to know what the best Furfrou forms in Pokemon GO in 2023 are, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to break down the different trims Furfrou can have, and what the differences between them are. Hint: it’s honestly not much. It’s more of a personal preference kind of thing than anything else. Still, the Pokemon GO 2023 Fashion Week event is about to kick off, so you need all the knowledge you can get.

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best furfrou forms in pokemon go 2023
Best Furfrou Forms in Pokemon GO 2023

Which Furfrou Form is the Best in Pokemon GO

The answer to the question of which Furfrou form (or Trims, as the game calls them) is the best in Pokemon GO is “whichever you can get and looks the best to you.” Yes, there is absolutely zero difference between the different versions of Furfrou, aside from the cosmetic aspect. A lot of people seem to really like the Pharaoh trim, for example. Personally, I’m partial to the Dandy trim. Trouble is, some trims are geographically limited, as we’re about to demonstrate in the following list.

  • Natural Furfrou Trim – available worldwide
  • Matron Furfrou Trim – available worldwide
  • Dandy Furfrou Trim – available worldwide
  • Debutante Furfrou Trim – available only in the Americas
  • Diamond Furfrou Trim – available only in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Star Furfrou Trim – available only in Asia-Pacific
  • La Reine Furfrou Trim – available only in France
  • Kabuki Furfrou Trim – available only in Japan
  • Pharaoh Furfrou Trim – available only in Egypt
  • Heart Furfrou Trim – available only during the Valentine’s Day event

So, that’s basically all you need to know about the best Furfrou form in Pokemon GO in 2023, and in general. And yes, each iteration has its own shiny version; however, they don’t have their separate Pokedex entries. So, as long as you have one Furfrou that’s shiny, you’re good to go. There is no benefit to collecting all the different trims, aside from a feeling of personal accomplishment, I guess. Also, Furfrou doesn’t have any evolutions at time of writing, so no reason to worry about that either.

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