Acquire Combat Plants and Use Them Simultaneously Hogwarts Legacy

Combat plants are a special type of plant in Hogwarts Legacy that you can use in the middle of combat. They are: Mandrake, Chinese Chomping Cabbages, and Venomous Tentacula. As part of Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2, you are going to need to acquire all three combat plants and use them simultaneously in Hogwarts Legacy. The reward for doing this is the Flipendo spell, so this is definitely something that’s worth doing. Here’s how and where to get all three of these combat plants.

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Acquire Combat Plants and Use Them Simultaneously Hogwarts Legacy
Acquire Combat Plants and Use Them Simultaneously Hogwarts Legacy

How to Acquire 3 Combat Plants and Use Them Simultaneously in Hogwarts Legacy

To begin with, you first need to get all of these plants – Mandrake, Venomous Tentacula, and Chinese Chomping Cabbages. You can acquire all three of these by heading to the Dogweed and Deathcap shop in Hogsmeade. Once you are in the shopping menu, you will see all three of these combat plants under “Combat Tools” to the bottom. You can either buy their seeds and then grow them yourselves, or simply purchase them fully grown and ready for immediate use. If you opt for the second option, buying all three is going to cost you 1400 Galleons. That is – 500 for Mandrake, 300 for Chinese Chomping Cabbage, and 600 for the Venomous Tentacula.

Once you have all three of these combat plants in your possession, you can now use them. Note that, unlike Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1, you don’t actually need to use them in combat. No, all it takes is to go into your inventory and then use each of these in quick succession. Once the third combat plant has been used, you will get a notification that you have completed this objective. All that’s left now to complete this quest is to grow and harvest some Fluxweed. Go back to Professor Garlick and you will be rewarded with unlocking the Flipendo spell.

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