Camerupt & Claydol Pokemon Go Raid Bosses

Camerupt and Claydol have arrived as the new Pokemon Go raid bosses. These two are tough customers, and neither of them should get attacked in solo combat. Luckily, both have several weaknesses. By choosing the right Pokemon, you can prevail. Read on as we discuss how to defeat Camerupt and Claydol in Pokemon Go.

Camerupt & Claydol Pokemon Go Raid Bosses
Camerupt & Claydol Pokemon Go Raid Bosses

Camerupt Pokemon Go Raid Boss

Camerupt is a variation on a camel, meaning it is a ground-type Pokemon. However, it has a volcano housed in each of its humps. This also makes it a fire-type Pokemon raid boss. You will find that its most powerful moves are Rock Smash and Earth Power. As it loves the heat it will also get a boost from being in sunny weather.

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As a fire-type Pokemon, it takes the most damage from water-based attacks.  Despite it being a ground-type Pokemon, it is also weak to ground attacks itself. It has a large number of resistances to most other types of attack. These are bug, fire, electric, fairy, poison, and steel. 

This means counters are best from a powerful water-type Pokemon. Blastoise and Gyarados both have water cannons and hydro pumps that can do the job against this Pokemon Go Raid Boss. Empoleon, Kingler, and any other water types should work.

Claydol Pokemon Go Raid Boss

Claydol is a strange, odd Pokemon raid boss. Made from clay by ancient humans, they came to life when hit by mysterious rays. They move and attack by levitating. This makes them a mix of ground and psychic Pokemon. Claydol has a huge defense statistic at 229. Its most powerful moves are confusion and psychic.

Luckily, Claydoll has several weaknesses. These are bug, dark, ghost, grass, ice, and water. Conversely, it has several resistances. These are electric, fighting, poison, psychic, and rock.

There are several recommended counters to the Claydoll raid boss in Pokemon Go. Mega Gyrados has both dark and water attacks which it is weak to, in the form of bite and hydro pump. Mega Abomasnow also has ice and grass attacks which can take it down.

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