Catch Crabrawler in Pokemon GO

If you want to catch a Crabrawler in Pokemon GO, you will have to put in the work. There are no shortcuts; you have to capture the brand new fighting crab the old-fashioned way. In this guide, we are going to give you a few tips on how to get a Crabrawler in Pokemon GO and explain how to evolve it into Crabominable.

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catch crabrawler in pokemon go
Catch Crabrawler in Pokemon GO

How to Catch Crabrawler in Pokemon GO

To catch Crabrawler in Pokemon GO, you just kinda have to explore around until you run into one. As far as we can tell, the fighting crab can only spawn in the wild. It’s not in Raids, Research Tasks, nothing. Perhaps it can hatch from an Egg, but we just cannot say for certain. The only method we know for certain is hunting a Crabrawler as you would any other Pokemon in the wild. Obviously, you can increase your chances by using an incense or a lure module to attract more monsters. Aside from that, there’s no special way to obtain the new crab. By the way, it’s making it’s debut in the Mythic Blade event, which will last from December 6th to December 11th.

So, that’s how you catch a Crabrawler in Pokemon GO. Oh, don’t forget to use more powerful Poke Balls, just in case. With all of that said, how do you evolve it into Crabominable? Well, you need to give it fifty Crabrawler Candy, but it has to be within the circle of a Glacial Lure Module. Naturally, you can place your own module at a Poke Stop and evolve the fighting crab that way. However, if you do run into a Glacial Lure that someone else has placed, you can use that instead. The use of the Ice Lure makes perfect sense, because Crabominable is actually a dual Fighting / Ice Pokemon. While it does become stronger, its list of weaknesses doubles, so be careful.

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