How to Catch Drifloon Pokemon Go - Dia De Muertos Collection Challenge

Dia De Muertos is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the memory of those close to us who have departed for the afterlife. Thanks to movies such as Coco and video games like Grim Fandango, the Day of the Dead, as it is called in English, is very well known around the world. To celebrate it, many videogames have events that deal with it, and the Pokemon Go Dia De Muertos Collection Challenge is one of the more popular ones. From November 1st to November 2nd 2021, you will need to catch several Pokemon, one of these being the illusive Drifloon. To help you encounter this particular Pokemon, our How to Catch Drifloon Pokemon Go – Dia De Muertos Collection Challenge guide will explain the best tactics you can employ to find and catch it.

How to Catch Drifloon Pokemon Go - Dia De Muertos Collection Challenge

How to Catch Drifloon – Pokemon Go Dia De Muertos Challenge

the Drifloon is a Ghost and Flying type Pokemon. Like all the other Pokemon in this event (Sunkern, Roselia, Murkrow, Cubone, Houndour, Sableye, and Sunflora), you will be able to find it in the wild. However, along with Sunflora, it is rarer and thus harder to get than the other ones on this list. Since you have a very limited amount of time to complete this, if you are not encountering them, you will need to use lures or incense. Even better, for the duration of the event, both incenses and lures will have an increased duration and will last for 90 minutes.

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With this bonus to duration, you should be able to catch all of these in time. When you complete this Collection Challenge, you will get the following rewards: x1 Incense, x1 Poffin, and a Shedinja encounter. In any case, since there isn’t too much time left to do this challenge, we wish you the best of luck with catching Drifloon and all the other Pokemon.

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