Catch Flying Pikachu Pokemon GO, Shiny Flying Pikachu May 2022

In our Catch Flying Pikachu Pokemon GO, Shiny Flying Pikachu May 2022 guide, we’re going to cover a few important points of the Pokemon Air Adventures event. Specifically, we’ll be focusing on the special version of Pikachu, the one where it’s floating around tied to a bunch of balloons. We’ll show you how to catch Flying Pikachu and tell you whether it can be shiny or not.

catch flying pikachu pokemon go shiny flying pikachu may 2022
Catch Flying Pikachu Pokemon GO, Shiny Flying Pikachu May 2022

How to Catch Flying Pikachu in Pokemon GO May 2022

To catch Flying Pikachu in Pokemon GO in the May 2022 Air Adventures event (and in general), you just have to encounter it like any other Pokemon. There’s no special secret or method to it. Flying Pikachu will be spawning fairly often in the wild during the event (from May 3rd to May 8th), along with a few others. Plus, it can also appear as a reward for completing certain Timed Research tasks. For more info on that, check out our Electrify the Sky Research Tasks and Rewards guide. But, yeah, as for capturing Flying Pikachu, they work the same like any other Pokemon. Just engage them when you see them and go through the regular ole catching process.

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Can Flying Pikachu Be Shiny?

Yes, Flying Pikachu can be shiny in Pokemon GO, so be sure to catch as many of them as you can during the May 2022 Air Adventures event (and any other chance you get). Just like any other version of Pikachu, the Flying Shiny is a darker color than the usual yellow, trending more towards orange. So, it’s not too hard to tell the difference. That said, the Pokemon Air Adventures event is not a Spotlight Hour. The shiny version of Flying Pikachu is not going to be spawning any more often than usual; your odds of catching one are the same as every other day. So, be sure to prepare adequately and sacrifice whatever the gods of RNG demand of you.

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