Pokemon GO Community Day Classic September 2023

The Pokemon GO Community Day Classic September 2023 is fast approaching. Now, you may be wondering what a Pokemon GO Community Day Classic even is. Like its name suggests, its purpose is to highlight a past Pokemon that has already appeared in a former Community Day, as well as to get a Pokemon that has a special attack. If you want to catch them all, then you will want to know when this Pokemon GO Community Day Classic for September 2023 is going to begin, how long it is going to last, and what you can get from it. We’re here to tell you all of the information that is currently available about this event.

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Pokemon GO Community Day Classic September 2023
Pokemon GO Community Day Classic September 2023

Pokemon GO Community Days September 2023

The latest Pokemon GO Community Day Classic is going to take place on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023. While still hasn’t been 100% officially confirmed so far, it’s obvious that it is going to be none other than Charmander. You can see the official Pokemon GO tweet that all but spells this out directly below. With “It’s gonna be lit”, a fire emoji, fire appearing in the animation, and Charmander iconic cry at the end of it, there can be no doubt that it is the highlighted Pokemon this time around. This Fire-type Pokemon was introduced way back in Generation I and it is one of the most popular and well-known Pokemon of all time.

As this is the third time that Charmander has been featured as part of the Community Day, many fans are less than excited to learn that this is the case. Here’s to hoping that we are going to get a new one in the next Pokemon GO Community Day Classic, some Pokemon that we didn’t see in the game before.

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