BG3 Give Artifact to Githyanki or Not, Kithrak Therezzyn Choice

There are many choices that you are going to need to make in Baldur’s Gate 3. Oftentimes, these will have long-lasting consequences and can drastically change the game’s story in major ways. For example, whether you should give the Artifact to the Githyanki Kithrak Therezzyn or not in BG3 and what is the outcome of each choice. Naturally, both choices are valid, though, from a powergaming perspective, one is obviously better. So here’s what’s going to happen when you select them.

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BG3 Give Artifact to Githyanki or Not, Kithrak Therezzyn Choice
BG3 Give Artifact to Githyanki or Not, Kithrak Therezzyn Choice

BG3 Give Artifact to Githyanki Kithrak Therezzyn or Not

The Mysterious Artifact in question is the strange device that is being carried around by Shadowheart. Then, once you get Lae’zel, she will express her desire to find the Githyanki Creche, beliving they can help with the Mindflayer parasites. When you finally get to the Creche, you will talk to Kith’rak Therezzyn there. She is going to ask you to give her the Mysterious Artifact. Now comes the choice. If you refuse to give her the Artifact, this will result in you gaining Influence with certain party members (Shadowheart, obviously), while Lae’zel will lose it. This will also intitiate a fight against Kith’rak Therezzyn.

On the other hand, if you hand over the Artifact, many party members will disapprove of this – apart from Lae’zel, of course. But this is a pretty small loss of Influence. The Artifact will then come back to you, when Therezzyn realizes that it is bound to you. So what is the best choice here? Well, since the Mysterious Artifact is going to remain in your possession either way, it is much easier to simply comply with Kith’rak Therezzyn’s orders and give it to her. In either case, the story of the Artifact’s true purpose in the game continues.

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