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Now that the Halloween event is live for the Pokemon GO game, we have some more good news for all the players that are trying to catch spooky monsters. The developer of Pokemon GO, Niantic, has maybe added the feature of Daily Quests into the application. This information is not official nor public. It has been uncovered that, in the latest version of the game (0.43.3), there are some files that are connected to the daily quests option.

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Pokemon Go Daily quests – What we know so far

Data miners reported that they have discovered the code related to the Daily quests from the file global-metadata.dat. They also add that the fans should still be cautious about it. Still, the code for the daily quests may be in the application, but not activated by Niantic.

Since this is the case, this could probably mean that the files for daily quests are in your application already. Don’t forget that the quest system might be geo-locked for certain areas, just like they’ve done with the “Nearby Tracker” feature that works only if you are somewhere around the San Francisco area. We still don’t know if the quests will be available in the near future, or Niantic will abandon this idea. It would be nice to have some quests with themed rewards.

Judging from the information that the data miners exposed to the public, the quests may include a “First Catch of the Day” and a “First Pokestop of the Day“. Rewards for the quests remained unclear so far. It appears that they might have been included in the game as well.

Bear in mind that this information has not been confirmed from Niantic. Do you know something about this global phenomenon? Write to us in the comments below, and we will try to keep you informed about everything related to the favorite app of 2016.

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