Gwent Deck Building - Basic Guide

Gwent deck building was first talked about during the Beta pre-launch live stream. Gwent developers showcased some pre-made decks for all four available factions.
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Now that the game is available worldwide, we can delve deeper into the system. This guide will show you how to use the deck building section in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Gwent Deck Building Basic Guide

Gwent Deck Building

You can access the Gwent deck building section by selecting Deck Builder in the main menu. Then click on New Deck. The first step is to choose your faction. This will determine which faction specific cards you will get access to. Under each faction icon you can see what its special ability is. Take your time to pick a faction that will suit you best. The next step is choosing the leader card. Each deck can have only one leader, and they are faction specific. Your leader can make or break a match, so choose it carefully. You’ll want it to compliment your deck for optimal combo opportunities.

Selecting and Adding a Card

In the deck building section, you can scroll through your card collection. There are several options on the bottom of the screen. These allow you to sort your collection. You can choose to view just your Bronze, Silver or Gold cards.

Gwent Deck Builder Selecting CardsAs you browse through your cards, the one currently selected will appear on the right of the screen. Here, you’re able to see its stats and what its special ability is. Of course, you can also zoom in on the card to see a full breakdown of the abilities.

Gwent Deck Builder Card DetailsWhen you choose to add a card, it will automatically go to its assigned row. Agile cards (can go on any row) can be placed on any row. Special and disloyal cards (played on opponent’s side) have their own separate row. That way, you’ll have a perfect overview. Make sure that you build a deck that gives you plenty of potential combos. Don’t forget to include some nasty surprises for your opponent.

You can change the name of your deck. Simply select the current name and type in the one you want.

Number of Cards Per Gwent Deck

There are three important counters on the left side of the screen.

Gwent Number Of Cards Per DeckThe bottom counter shows you how many gold cards you have in your deck. The maximum is four. The middle counter indicates the number of silver cards in the deck. You can have up to six of them. The top counter shows you the total number of cards. The required minimum is 25. The maximum number can vary between decks. Keep in mind that, depending on your strategy, you should always try to have as little cards as possible. That way, you have more control in the game. You maximize your chances of drawing cards that you want.

To get a better idea about different cards and what they do in order to build the best deck, check out our Gwent Card Database for more details.

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