Deoxys Weakness, Counters & Best Moveset in Pokemon GO

Knowing the Deoxys weakness, counters and best moveset in Pokemon GO can be pretty valuable. For example, this Pokemon is going to be appearing in five-star Raid Battles from September 1st to September 13th, 2022. On top of that, there will also be a Raid Hour on September 7th from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. So, this info is going to be important to have. With that said, let’s dive straight in.

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deoxys weakness counters & best moveset in pokemon go
Deoxys Weakness, Counters & Best Moveset in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Deoxys Weakness & Counters

So, let’s begin with the weakness and best counters for Deoxys in Pokemon GO, and then we’ll jump into the different movesets. As you probably know by now, Deoxys has four different forms: Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed. However, through them all, it remains a purely Psychic Pokemon and retains the same weaknesses (Bug, Dark, Ghost) and Strengths (Fighting, Psychic). So, no matter which version you encounter, using Pokemon from the list below should work. Maybe they will be slightly more efficient in some cases, but not by that much.

  • Hydregion with Bite and Brutal Swing
  • Mega Gengar (or regular) with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Darkrai with Snarl and Dark Pulse or Shadow Ball
  • Mega Houndoom (or regular) with Snarl and Foul Play
  • Hoopa (Unbound) with Astonish and Shadow Ball
  • Giratina (Origin Forme) with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Pheromosa with Bug Bite and Bug Buzz
  • Mega Scizor (or regular) with Fury Cutter and X-Scissor
  • Chandelure with Hex and Shadow Ball
  • Yveltal with Snarl and Dark Pulse

Pokemon GO Deoxys Best Moveset

Now that we know the weakness and best counters for Deoxys in Pokemon GO, it’s time to get into its moveset. Or movesets, I guess I should say, since there are some differences between the Normal, Speed, Attack and Defense variants. And, unlike with the counters, the differences here do matter to a more significant degree. So, with that said, here’s a list of what should be the best moveset for each version of Deoxys. Obviously, your mileage may vary depending on personal preferences. That said, these combos should work really well no matter what.

  • Normal – Zen Headbutt and Hyper Beam
  • Attack – Zen Headbutt and Zap Cannon
  • Defense – Counter (or Zen Headbutt) and Thunderbolt
  • Speed – Zen Headbutt and Thunderbolt
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