Pokemon GO Egg Rarities Slightly Changed, New Pokemon Added

Pokemon GO Eggs have gone through some fairly minor changes. It appears that one Pokemon is now Significantly more common, although still incredibly rare. The much bigger news is the addition of Gen Three Pokemon from the Halloween Event to the Egg Pool. Best thing is, those aren’t that horribly rare.

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Pokemon GO Egg Rarities Slightly Changed, New Pokemon Added
Pokemon GO Egg Rarities Slightly Changed, New Pokemon Added

Niantic has introduced some fairly minor changes to Pokemon GO Eggs, as revealed by The Silph Road. They’ve added some new Pokemon to the roster and decreased the rarity of one Pokemon. Other than that, there aren’t any major changes. Not counting the new Pokemon that have been added to the Eggs, it’s not exactly going to cause a revolution.

So, what’s new in the Egg department? First off, let’s go over the new Pokemon that have been added. You can now get the three Third-Gen Ghost Pokemon from the Halloween event in Eggs. If you’re out of the loop, the three Pokemon in question are Duskull, Shuppet, and Sableye. All three of them appear to be in the Rare category, which, according to The Silph Road, means they pop out of Eggs about 0.8% of the time. Shuppet and Duskull are appearing in 5 km Eggs, and Sableye is in 10 km Eggs. So, if you’ve missed out on the Halloween event, get to spinning PhotoDiscs and hatching those Eggs.

The second change to the Eggs seems to be the increased likelihood of hatching Shuckle. The Silph Road does point out that the “evidence is not fully conclusive”, but the numbers are worth pointing out. According to their newest data, Shuckle has a 500 times greater chance to appear in an Egg. This moves it from the Hyper-Rare to the Super-Rare category. So, yeah, it’s still really, really rare, but it is a bit better than before.

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