Cuphead Got First Big Update, Full Patch Notes Revealed

Cuphead, the universally-beloved run-and-gun hit game, got a pretty large update recently. The developers also released the accompanying patch notes. For the most part, the patch is all about fixing various bugs, such as the beloved Mugman army. It does also reduce the Start Over square during the King Dice encounter to appearing only once per attempt, so that’s something.

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Cuphead Got First Big Update, Full Patch Notes Revealed
Cuphead Got First Big Update, Full Patch Notes Revealed

Developers Studio MDHR have released a huge patch for Cuphead, along with the full patch notes. As you’d expect, it focuses mainly on various bug fixes and other polishes. However, the update does also add some minor changes that soften the game’s fabled difficulty ever so slightly. Considering that the some of the bug fixes prohibit some exploits, I guess you could say that it all cancels out in the end.

The change in question is that the Start Over square during the King Dice section will now appear only once per attempt. So, you can now slightly relax during the gauntlet, knowing that this accursed square won’t show up as often as it did before. Not that this makes the encounter all that much easier, but hey, it’s something. Another pretty useful feature that has been added is the ability to unequip the secondary weapon, Super, and charm from the equipment menu.

As far as the bug fixes go, first off, we have some bad news. You’ll have to say goodbye to the Mugman army, because the new update is going to render that impossible. Other than that, the list mostly consists of the usual bug and crash fixes, animation and sound effect polishes, and so on. This includes freezes caused by disconnecting and reconnecting controllers, the the infinite controller rumble bug, and so on. There are also some minor cosmetic additions, such as the “spooky Mausoleum announcer.”

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