Pokemon GO Eggs - Are PokeStops Biome-Specific?

Even more casual trainers are aware of Pokemon biomes by now. Simply put, certain locations on the map have a higher possibility of spawning specific Pokemon. For example, if you’re by a body of water, you have a better chance of catching a water-type Pokemon. This is important for filling your Pokedex, since Pokemon type plays no role in battles yet. But, are Pokemon GO Eggs biome-specific as well?

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There are two schools of thought on the subject. The majority believes it’s just good old RNG. Simply put, which Egg you get from a PokeStop is pure chance. If you don’t get what you want, you’re simply unlucky. However, there’s some doubt being shed on this idea recently.

Pokemon GO Eggs - Are PokeStops Biome-Specific
Pokemon GO Eggs – Are PokeStops Biome-Specific?

Are PokeEggs RNG or biome-determined?

Some trainers, not content with the “bad luck” explanation, have started testing a new hypothesis – PokeStops might only net biome-specific Eggs. In other words, there’s a higher probability that you’ll get a Pokemon native to the biome where you collected it. If you spin a PhotoDisc in a water biome, there’s a big chance that you’ll hatch a Water Pokemon.

Reddit user JHofNYC started his own experiment. He flushed all of his previous Eggs, and sat next to a PokeStop until her was back to 9/9. He then painstakingly hatched all of them, and then repeated the process. He hatched around 60 Eggs this way, and these are his results.

Egg TypeTotal CollectedPokemon Hatched
2 km13Bulbasaur, 2x Charmander, 2x Squirtle, Caterpie, Weedle, 2x Spearow,2x Geodude, Cleffa, Igglybuff
5 km393x Ekans, 2x Nidoran♀, Vulpix, 2x Oddish, Paras, 2x Diglett, Growlithe, 2x Poliwag, Abra, 3x Machop, Bellsprout, 2x Tentacool, Ponyta, Slowpoke, 3x Doduo, Seel, Krabby, Voltorb, 3x Staryu, Porygon, Pichu
10 km62x Chansey, 2x Lapras, Snorlax, Magby

If you want more info on his system, visit his thread about PokeEggs and RNG. As it stands, however, the data is still inconclusive. Sure, you can notice some repetition, but it could still be RNG. Hopefully, this experiment will continue, maybe on a larger scale, and we can get more info.

What’s your opinion on the subject? Share with us in the comments.

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