Pokemon GO Elite Raids Locations

Knowing where to find the Pokemon GO Elite Raids locations is going to be useful whenever Niantic releases one of these special Raids. While their rewards are not much more substantial than five-star Raids, they’re still fun activities that you might want to participate in. So, in this guide, we are going to show you how to find Elite Raids, as well as give you some details on what they even are.

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pokemon go elite raids locations
Pokemon GO Elite Raids Locations

Where to Find Pokemon GO Elite Raids

To find the locations of Pokemon GO Elite Raids, look for a crimson-red egg with a white stripe, and with the swirling vortex effect around it. These special Eggs take a full twenty-four hours to hatch, and once they do, Trainers will have thirty minutes do emerge victorious. Those of you that manage to bring the Raid boss down will then have the opportunity to catch it (this time around, the boss was Hoopa Unbound). Elite Raids seem to only appear in EX Gyms, aka Gyms that are popular and often visited. You’ll be able to locate them using your in-game radar, or via Niantic Campfire. The previous Elite Raids appeared at 11 AM, 2 PM and 5 PM local time on October 16th, so that might be the schedule moving forward. We’ll have to wait and see.

So, now that we know where and how to find the locations of Elite Raids in Pokemon GO, what exactly are they? Well, they are Niantic’s attempt to bring the community back together in person. You can only participate in these Raids in person; Remote Passes won’t work. I am very much against this as a concept, because Remote Passes were a great way for disabled people to join in on the fun, as well as people in remote areas. It is what it is. When it comes to difficulty, they are slightly above five-star Raids, so that only a decent gaggle of Trainers will be able to bring the boss down together. There is no cap on how many Elite Raids you can take part in. And after you do win… stick around of a while.

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