Pokemon Go Woobat - How to Evolve Woobat

The Woobat is one of the more difficult Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon Go. In order to get it to evolve into its advanced form – Swoobat – you will need to do several steps in precise order. The good news is that these are not particularly hard to pull off. So if you are one of the many players that wants to evolve Woobat, our Pokemon Go Woobat – How to Evolve Woobat guide will help you to do just that.

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Pokemon Go Woobat - How to Evolve Woobat

How to Evolve Woobat in Pokemon GO

The Woobat is a psychic-type flying Pokemon. It makes its home in the Unova region and its Pokedex description states that: “Bat Pokemon – the heart-shaped mark left on a body after a Woobat has been attached to it is said to bring good fortune.” Swoobat, its advanced form, looks very similar to the Woobat, but with a more pronounced head and protruding legs. Like other evolutions, it is also a more powerful variant of the original, as its Pokedex description states: “Courting Pokemon – Anyone who comes into contact with the ultrasonic waves emitted by a courting male experiences a positive mood shift.”

To get the Woobat to evolve into the Swoobat, you will need to do a couple of things. First, designate your Woobat as your Buddy Pokemon. Next, you will have to walk for 1 kilometer (or 0.62 miles) with it as your Buddy Pokemon. After doing that, you will get the option to feed the Woobat 50 Pokemon Candies. It will then finally evolve into its Swoobat form. So, as you can see, it isn’t anything too hard to do, but you will still need to make a bit of an effort to complete the evolution process. While it isn’t the strongest Psychic Pokemon, as you can see, evolving it doesn’t take too much time.

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