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Cookie Run Kingdom Espresso Cookie toppings are basically different buffs that you can apply to this cookie to give it different bonuses. I mean, that works the same for all cookies, but each one has a combo that synergizes best with their skills and abilities. Basically, the aim is to get the best out of each cookie using the toppings. With that said, we’ll explain what the best Espresso Cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom are in this guide.

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espresso cookie toppings cookie run kingdom
Espresso Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings for Espresso Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The best toppings for Espresso Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom are either five Swift Chocolate or five Searing Raspberry. Why? Well, first off, what is the position of this cookie? It’s a middle-line cookie, and his class is Magic. He throws a whirlwind at enemies that pulls them into its center, and the final burst of damage interrupts skills. So, the recommended builds either focus on reducing the skill cooldown or just boosting raw damage. Let’s get into a bit more detail on both.

Applying five high-tier Swift Chocolate toppings adds 1.8% Cooldown each, plus an extra 5% when you apply a set of five. That’s a total of 14% to Cooldown, which can mean a lot given how strong Espresso’s skill is. The alternative is five Searing Raspberry if you just care about damage. Each high-tier Raspberry grants 3% ATK each and an extra 5% when you equip five of the same topping for a grand total of 20% ATK. These are your basic options when it comes to Espresso Cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom. Of course, which one you choose depends entirely on what your needs are at any given moment. You can even mix and match these two toppings, but I wouldn’t necessarily advise it.

And that about wraps it up. If you need help with something else in the game, we’ve got a few more guides that might help you out. To name just a few, we’ve got articles like Star Jellies Farming, Raspberry Cookie Toppings, and Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings.

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