Pokemon GO Getting Fifty Generation Three Pokemon & Weather

Niantic has announced some pretty significant updates for Pokemon GO. The first major addition, coming later in the week, is fifty Generation Three Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire. The other thing is weather conditions, which will impact the behavior of certain Pokemon. In other words, prepare to walk around with your phone out in the rain and snow.

Pokemon GO Getting Fifty Generation Three Pokemon & Weather
Pokemon GO Getting Fifty Generation Three Pokemon & Weather

Pokemon GO Trainers have a lot to look forward to this week, according to an announcement on the Pokemon GO website. Later in the week, Niantic will roll out fifty Third-Gen Pokemon from the Hoenn region in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. They haven’t named all of the Pokemon that they’ll be adding, but they do mention Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko. So, start preparing those PokeBalls, Berries, and other paraphernalia.

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Another huge addition that will roll out this week is the new dynamic weather system. It’s going to be a whole new game mechanic that will add a new dimension to the gameplay. The app will start tracking your local weather, and then insert the weather conditions into the game. The six possibilities are Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, Foggy, Partly Cloudy, and Windy. Weather conditions won’t just be a cosmetic thing, either. They’re going to affect Pokemon in different ways.

One of the ways that the weather will affect the game is that certain types of Pokemon will pop up more often in certain weather. For example, you’ll have a larger chance of capturing Mudkip if you go out into the rain. Because, you know, it’s so much fun playing a video game outside in the rain or snow. Not only that, but the weather conditions will also affect attacks of some Pokemon. For example, your Charizard’s Fire Spin will pack more of a punch when it’s sunny outside. So, get ready to explore your neighborhood in different weather.

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