How to Find Mateo Pokemon GO

If you’re wondering how to find Mateo in Pokemon GO, you’re not the only one. The new NPC, who will be added to the game on December 5th, 2023, won’t appear just anywhere. No, you’ll have to put in the work before he will spawn. In this guide, we are going to explain how to find the location of Mateo and explain what his deal is.

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how to find mateo pokemon go
How to Find Mateo Pokemon GO

How to Find Mateo in Pokemon GO

First off, you’ll be able to find the location of Mateo during the Pokemon GO Along the Routes event, which will take place from December 5th at 10 AM local time to December 8th at 8 PM local time. According to the official post, this jolly traveling researcher will appear at the ends of Routes that you complete. Not always, mind you; the wording makes it clear that he may be waiting for you near a Route’s conclusion. Talk to Mateo, and you’ll get the chance to participate in a Gift Exchange. Basically, Mateo collects stuff from the beginning of the route, the ending, or a nearby PokeStop. You can then send a Gift to a random Trainer somewhere in the world and receive a Gift in return. It’s a pretty cool idea.

So, that’s basically how you find Mateo in Pokemon GO. Now, there are still a few matters that remain unclear. For one, the post says the following: “You can participate in a Gift Exchange with Mateo once a day.” Does this mean Mateo will spawn only once a day, or will he keep randomly appearing at the ends of Routes until you actually exchange Gifts. I would assume it’s the latter, but Niantic have been know to make some bizarre choices when it comes to mechanics. Also, it’s not exactly clear whether he will stay in the game after the Along the Routes wraps up. He probably will, but again, stranger things have happened. As far as what the Gifts can contain, I doubt that they will be any different than regular Gifts. We’ll have to wait and see.

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