Blade Ball Serpent Aura Emote

The latest Blade Ball Roblox update has added a fair amount of new content into the game. This includes things such a new ability – the Serpent Shadow Clone – a new explosion, new swords, and, of course, the Serpent Aura Emote. All of these are very nice, and you are probably wondering what you need to do in order to get them. For the purposes of this guide, we are going to focus on the Blade Ball Serpent Aura Emote and how to obtain it in the game.

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Blade Ball Serpent Aura Emote
Blade Ball Serpent Aura Emote

How to Get Serpents Aura in Blade Ball

The Serpent Aura Emote is connected to the Serpent Shadow Clone ability (which, as you can see in our Blade Ball Tier List, we rank pretty high there). And to be able to get it, you need to take part in the Serpent Event. You and 15 other players will then try and take on and defeat the dreaded Serpent. If you are successful, the Serpent Aura Emote is one of the five possible prizes that you can get from this.

The other drops include “Explosion: Serpent’s Rage”, “Sword: Serpent’s Lance (Unique)”, “Sword: Serpent’s Fang (Unique)”, and “Emote: Serpent’s Aura”. The description for this Serpent’s Aura reads: “A state in where you’re weightless; only it’s ancient powers from within radiate throughout your soul.” It’s a pretty cool-looking emote. When you activate it, you will start hovering over the ground and radiating beams of energy from your body. So it’s definitely something fun to get, especially if you are a huge fan of the game. Though, as the drop chance for this is very low, you are going to need quite a bit of luck to get it. Not to mention that the Serpent is no pushover. To make this a bit easier, we recommend that you use Blade Ball Codes to give yourselves an advantage here.

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