Pokemon GO Gets First Alolan Pokemon Exeggutor

The first Alolan Pokemon, Exeggutor, has made its debut in Pokemon GO. This is to celebrate the announcement of Pokemon Let’s Go for the Nintendo Switch, which is coming in November. The Alolan version of Exeggutor will be appearing “more often”, and they’ll only be available for a limited time, so get hunting.

Pokemon GO Gets First Alolan Pokemon Exeggutor
Pokemon GO Gets First Alolan Pokemon Exeggutor

So, as we’ve already covered, Nintendo has announced Pokemon Let’s Go for the Nintendo Switch. That game, which will come in Pikachu and Eevee versions, will make heavy use of Pokemon GO, both in terms of gameplay mechanics, and in the sense that you’ll be able to link Let’s GO with Pokemon GO. In fact, it would seem that you’ll be able to transfer your catches from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let’s Go. And yes, those names put together do become very confusing very quickly.

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Anyway, to celebrate this announcement, Pokemon GO added the first Alolan Pokemon to the game. They announced that they’ll be bringing Alolan Pokemon about a week ago, and now, one of them is already here. The Pokemon in question is Exeggutor. The post on the Pokemon GO website points out: “Keep an eye out for this Pokémon’s tall and stately presence all over the world, where it will appear more often for a limited time.” So, make sure that you take the opportunity and capture the Alolan Exeggutor while its in stock, so to speak. You’ll recognize it easily by the much ganglier necks than the ordinary Exeggutors.

If you don’t know what Alolan Pokemon are, we’ll get you up to speed quickly. Basically, the Alolan region is a tropical region. You can find different-looking Pokemon from the Kanto region there. So, it’s kinda strange that they didn’t make it into Pokemon Go before some of the other ones, but there you have it. Better late than never.

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