Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep Content Update is Available

The first content update for Sea of Thieves, The Hungering Deep, is now available for all. It brings some much-needed extra stuff to do in the game, including a whole new AI threat in the shape of a gigantic shark, which seems large enough to devour an entire ship.

Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep Content Update is Available
Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep Content Update is Available

One of the biggest complaints about Sea of Thieves when it came out is that there wasn’t that much to do in the game. The gameplay loop became kinda stale fairly quickly. Rare has been working diligently on it since launch, though, and more and more content will be hitting Sea of Thieves over time. The first one of the bunch, The Hungering Deep, is now out. Along with it, they released a developer update video, in which they briefly elaborate on what the Hungering Deep has to offer.

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The most prominent feature, not-so-subtly foreshadowed in the video with the plush shark and the image above, is the new AI threat. As if the Kraken wasn’t enough, you’ll now have to contend with a gigantic shark. If that image above is anything to go by, just the creature’s jaws at least as big as your average ship. Maybe even a galleon. All I’m saying is that you’re going to need a bigger boat. Obligatory Jaws joke quota met, we can now proceed. Hopefully, the encounter with the shark will be more engaging than the Kraken. Or the Skeleton Forts, for that matter.

There’s some other stuff in the Hungering Deep update. There’s a new campaign quest, tools for better interaction with other crews (which was sorely missing), a new instrument, and, naturally, brand new cosmetic items to pimp your pirate. Hopefully, this will provide the shot in the content arm that Sea of Thieves needs, making players even more excited for the content further down the pipeline.

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