Pokemon GO Fossil Cup Best Teams & Pokemon

In our Pokemon GO Fossil Cup Best Teams & Pokemon, we’re going to show you what we consider to be the cream of the crop for this competition. The Season 11 Fossil Cup will take place from June 15th to June 22nd; if you want to participate, you need to know which Pokemon you’ll be able to use, and what the top picks are going to be. That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about here, so let’s dive in.

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pokemon go fossil cup best teams & pokemon
Pokemon GO Fossil Cup Best Teams & Pokemon

Pokemon GO Fossil Cup Best Pokemon

The best Pokemon for the Season 11 Pokemon GO Fossil Cup to use to build your potential teams need to meet two specific conditions. First off, they can only be at or below 1500 CP. Secondly, and probably most importantly, only Water-, Rock- and Steel-type Pokemon need apply. Yes, this does mean that Registeel is probably going to absolutely dominate the meta, but there are other valid choices. Here are some of them.

  • Registeel with Metal Claw, Rock Smash and Focus Blast, Zap Cannon
  • Ferrothorn with Bullet Seed and Power Whip, Thunder
  • Lucario with Counter and Power-Up Punch, Shadow Ball
  • Escavalier with Counter and Drill Run, Megahorn
  • Swampert (Shadow or regular) with Mudshot and Earthquake, Hydrocannon
  • Poliwrath (Shadow or regular) with Mudshot and Ice Punch, Power-Up Punch
  • Ludicolo with Razor Leaf and Ice Beam, Leaf Storm
  • Araquanid with Bug Bite and Bug Buzz, Bubble Beam
  • Pelipper with Wing Attack and Weather Ball, Hurricane
  • Quagsire (Shadow or Regular) with Mud Shot and Earthquake,

Best Team for Fossil Cup in Pokemon GO, Season 11

The best team for the Pokemon GO Season 11 Fossil Cup will probably shift as the event goes on. Also, take your own preferences into account. Take the list below with a grain of salt and put together a team that works well for you. Just keep in mind that Registeel is going to be in almost everybody’s team, so if you’re not running one yourself, at least have a counter for it, like Lucario. Also, you’ll notice a distinct lack of Rock Pokemon in our lists, and that’s because they’re weak against Water and Steel Pokemon, so they’re all but useless. Except for Cradily, maybe. Anyway, here are some team suggestions.

  • Registeel, Swampert, Pelipper
  • Escavalier, Poliwrath, Registeel
  • Poliwrath, Escavalier, Ferrothorn
  • Swampert, Ludicolo, Registeel
  • Pelipper, Registeel, Araquanid
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