Pokemon GO Gimmighoul Coins 2023

In our Pokemon GO Gimmighoul Coins 2023 guide, we are going to explain how to get and use this new resource. The system is kinda sorta convoluted, and requires you own a copy of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet. If you don’t, there are ways around it, but you won’t have a good time. With all of that said, let’s get into it.

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pokemon go gimmighoul coins 2023
Pokemon GO Gimmighoul Coins 2023

How to Get & Use Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon GO

Before you can get and use Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon GO, you have to connect the app to either Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet on your Switch. After doing that, you unlock a new item, called the Coin Bag. Using that item makes Roaming Form Gimmighoul spawn in your vicinity for a certain amount of time. For each one you catch, you’ll get some Coins. Keep in mind that you can only use the Coin Bag once a day, the counter resetting at midnight local time. Also, you have to send another postcard each time to “recharge” the item. No repeat postcards, though. All of that said, if you don’t have a copy of of either Scarlet or Violet, you’re in trouble. I hope you have a friend willing to trade you a Gimmighoul. That is your only hope.

There are other ways to earn Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon GO before you use them. For one, you can set the Pokemon as your Buddy. Also, there are the Golden Lure Modules, which you can earn by sending multiple postcards. These make regular PokeStops become gold. Spin them for a chance to get more Coins. There will be a number of PokeStops that will turn gold by themselves, but that is temporary. It will happen again during future events, but you can’t rely on them. Again, if you don’t have Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, this whole thing will suck more than you know. Namely, the whole point of the Coins is that you use them to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo. And you need a hair-raising nine hundred and ninety-nine Coins to do this. Good luck.

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