Arcane Odyssey Treasure Charts Guide

In our Arcane Odyssey Treasure Charts guide, we are going to explain how these items work in general. First, we will discuss how to get Treasure Charts. There are several ways of doing so, and it’s important to combine as many of them as you can. Then, we are going to break down how the Treasure Charts are used. Let’s begin, shall we?

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arcane odyssey treasure charts guide
Arcane Odyssey Treasure Charts Guide

How to Get Arcane Odyssey Treasure Chart

There are several ways to get a Treasure Chart in Arcane Odyssey. For one, you should open every Scroll Chest that you come across, since they always drop a Chart of a random variety. Also, some quests can grant you a Chart, though not as reliably. The same goes for the castaways that you can find and save on the open sea. They give you all sorts of rewards when you drop them off at a town, and those can be Charts.

Now, the most reliable way to get Legendary Treasure Charts is to make a rival. Find a Bounty that’s around level twenty or so, then keep doing their bounty in specific. Don’t just kill them, since they will disappear. Anyways, once you reach the status of rivals with someone, they will have a high chance of dropping a Legendary Chart whenever defeated.

How to Use Arcane Odyssey Treasure Charts

To use the Treasure Charts, you simply have to open and read them. They give you instructions on where to go next, and these are usually pretty precise. Your job is to follow from clue to clue until you finally get to the treasure. Depending on the rarity, you could be facing up to five steps. Naturally, the more work you have to do, the better rewards you can look forward to in the end. Therefore, even though the rarest Charts will take you the longest to solve, they’re worth the trouble. And that’s about everything you need to know on the subject, as far as the general idea of Treasure Charts go.

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