What Are Gold Pokestops Pokemon GO, Yellow Pokestop Meaning

In our What Are Gold Pokestops Pokemon GO, Yellow Pokestop Meaning guide, we will be talking about just that – what the Gold Pokestops are and what they do. This is especially important to know if you’re out on the hunt for a Gimmighoul and/or are trying to evolve it into Gholdengo. And if you haven’t had anything to do with Gimmighoul, then you will likely have no idea what the Gold Pokestops even are. So, why are some PokeStops yellow right now? Let’ find out.

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what are gold pokestops pokemon go yellow pokestop meaning
What Are Gold Pokestops Pokemon GO, Yellow Pokestop Meaning

What Are Gold Pokestops in Pokemon GO – Why Are Some Pokestops Yellow?

Gold Pokestops in Pokemon GO, or Yellow Pokestops, are stops onto which somebody has placed a Golden Lure Module. If you haven’t connected Pokemon GO to Scarlet and/or Violet, this doesn’t concern you. If you have, you can obtain Golden Lure Modules by sending postcards from GO to Scarlet/Violet. Put the Lure onto a Pokestop, and it will turn gold. So, that’s why a Pokestop is yellow sometimes. However, during special events, this can happen on its own, as is the case with the current A Paldean Adventure event. That’s why some Pokestops are gold right now, and will continue to be so until September 15th at 10 AM local time. Another way to get Yellow Pokestop is during events like Go Fest. Okay, that’s what a yellow Pokestop is, and why PokeStops are yellow, but what do they do?

What Do Gold Pokestops Do?

So, now we know what are the Gold Pokestops in Pokemon GO, but what are the yellow stops about? Well, when you spin them, they can sometimes drop more items than regular Pokestops. More importantly, though, they drop Gimmighoul Coins. You need a whopping 999 Coins to evolve Roaming Form Gimmighoul into Gholdengo. Of course, you also need the Coin Bag, which you get by sending a postcard to Scarlet and/or Violet. You can get one a day.

Now, the thing here is that Gimmighoul will only spawn at a Gold Pokestop that somebody has turned with the Golden Lure. If it turned yellow on its own during the event, it won’t appear. However, you can still use the Pokestop to get the Coins. Keep in mind that the amounts of Coins you get vary wildly from spin to spin, if they drop any at all.

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