Starfield How to Equip Scan Jammer to Ship

Not sure how to equip the Scan Jammer on your ship in Starfield? Aside from being an absolutely massive RPG with countless locations to explore and mysteries to unravel, Starfield also boasts a robust starship-building system. Here, you can customize your interstellar ship to the smallest details, both gameplay and cosmetics-wise. However, not all things are properly explained. For example, how to add the Scan Jammer to your Starfield ship. Read on as we explain all you need to know.

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Starfield How to Equip Scan Jammer to Ship

How to Equip Scan Jammer to a Ship in Starfield

Starfield’s starship-building system might leave a rather daunting first impression, mostly because it’s unintuitive menus, poor descriptions, and plentiful of options. However, once you get the hang of the system, you’ll soon feel right at home. Nevertheless, things will continue to get confusing, again – mostly because the game doesn’t to a proper job of explaining things. For example, how to implement the Scan Jammer to your Starfield ship.

This excellent piece of equipment is perfect for those of you who like getting your hands dirty with some smuggling on the side. It increases your chances of evading being caught during an inspection of your shielded cargo module loaded with contraband. However, this small device creates a lot of trouble for players, as they don’t know how to put it on their ship.

The thing is, you can not just slap it anywhere you want. Instead, what you need to do is put an Equipment Plate first. You can find this in the Structural tab. Once you have the Equipment Plate in place, then head to the Equipment tab. Select which Scan Jammer you want, and place it atop the Equipment Plate. One final note. To our understanding, Scan Jammers can only stack up to a 65% chance of evading inspection. Hence, putting above that number doesn’t do anything for you. Finally, not every ship technician sells these elements. If you can not find them, try another vendor.

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