Pokemon GO Grim Omen Explained

If you need the Pokemon GO A Grim Omen explained, you’re not the only one. There has been plenty of confusion among Trainers that just happened to catch the tail end of the event, or were there at the beginning but had no idea what was going on. In this guide, we will break down what this new happening is, when it takes place, etc.

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pokemon go grim omen explained
Pokemon GO Grim Omen Explained

A Grim Omen in Pokemon GO

A Grim Omen is the first of a new type of event in Pokemon GO. Micro events, one could say. They serve as a sort of build-up to the Pokemon GO Tour that will kick off soon. Apparently, these will take place every day, and last only five minutes. The first one, which lasted from 12 PM to 12:05 PM, featured Absol. During the flash event, Absol spawned more often in the wild, including its shiny version. So, it’s kinda like the Spotlight Hour, but significantly shorter and without any bonus. It’s certainly an interesting choice, especially because they’re surprise events and if you blink, you’ll miss them. Therefore, many Trainers might end up empty-handed.

Now, as for how long A Grim Omen will keep happening in Pokemon GO, most people are in agreement that it will be until Friday, February 24th. So, throughout this whole week, be on alert at noon. We don’t know whether these will always feature Absol, but it seems that’s how it’s going to shake out. Of course, the problem with these is that they’re in the middle of the workday, but I guess you can take your lunch break or something. Whatever the case may be, at least now everyone will know what these blitz-events are all about and when to expect them. Personally, I feel like this could have been better thought-out, but it is what it is.

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