Pokemon GO Halloween 2017 Event & Gen 3 Release Details Revealed

Niantic has announced the details of the Pokemon GO Halloween 2017 event. It will last for two weeks, and it’ll bring a lot of Halloween-themed items and monsters, as well as double Candy. Most importantly, trailers will have the chance to catch Ghost-type Pokemon from Generation 3 (Sapphire and Ruby), along with already there. Other Gen 3 monsters from the Hoenn region will start arriving in December.

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Pokemon GO Halloween 2017 Event & Gen 3 Release Details Revealed
Pokemon GO Halloween 2017 Event & Gen 3 Release Details Revealed

The Pokemon GO Halloween event 2017 is knocking at the door, and trainers that participate can look forward to some pretty exciting stuff. There’ll be extra candy, a seasonal Pikachu, new clothes, and even generation 3 Pokemon! Now, first thing’s first; when does the Halloween event start, and when does it end? According to the Pokemon GO website, it all begins on October 20th at 12 PM Pacific Time, and it will last until November 2nd, 12 PM Pacific Time. So, that’s two weeks of Halloween goodness in Pokemon GO.

And what exactly will the event bring? For starters, we’ll be able to catch a special Halloween-themed Pikachu wearing a witch hat. And, if you wanna follow suit, you can pick up a Mimikyu’s Disguise Hat for your avatar. In the spirit of the season, we’ll be getting double Candy for various activities. Every time you catch, hatch, or transfer Pokemon, you can expect to get twice the Candy. Also, your Buddy Pokemon will find Candy twice as fast.

Now for the coup de grâce. The Halloween event 2017 will mark the arrival of Generation 3 Pokemon to the game. We’ll be seeing Sableye, Banette, and other Ghost-type monsters from the Hoenn region. And that’s just a taste of things to come. Other Pokemon from Sapphire and Ruby will be introduced to Pokemon GO gradually, starting December. So, fellow trainers, get ready to head out and get spooked.

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