South Park Fractured But Whole Memberberries Locations

Memberberries are a kind of collectible in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. You’ll find clusters of them around town, and when you interact with them, they’ll ask you if you remember a particular pop culture reference from back when things were good. Getting them will count towards the Memberer title. They’re really tiny, which makes them easy to miss, although the purple color alleviates the problem somewhat. This guide is going to show you all South Park Fractured But Whole memberberries locations, so you can member Chewbacca.

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sp fracture but whole memberberry locations guide
South Park Fractured But Whole Memberberries Locations

Where to find memberberries?

One bunch is hidden in the church, near the western edge of town, in the middle street. You’ll find them in a jar next to the confessional, left of the entrance. Another is in the bushes off the north road, between Raisins and Medicinal Fried Chicken. There’s a log in front of the bush, with a police bag next to it.

While you’re there, you can head east, past the mall, to get another batch. They right in front of the South Park Senior Center, on the bench next to the statue. There’s also a jar of berries in the Bijou Theater. Once inside, go to the first row – you’ll find the berries on a seat all the way to the left.

If you decide to visit Stark’s Pond, you can look for some berries west of the pond itself. They’re in a wooden boat, hidden under the tarp. Another one is inside Mephesto’s Genetics Lab, top northwestern corner. Once you pass through the gate, turn left and continue, until you find a bush with the memberberry.

Inside the Post Office, central map, middle road. On the shelves to the left. Inside Token’s house, top middle road. In the Kitchen, on the countertop (thanks to Craig Romain).

Inside BeBe’s house, south from City Hall, on the kitchen counter (thanks to Craig). In Kevin Stoley’s House, located just east from the previous one. You’ll need a help from Professor Chaos, in order to open garage door, climb on the roof and inside the house, through the window. The memberberry is on a coffee table, close to the front entrance door (thanks Abi for the information).

For the next one, go into the Peppermint Hippo club, top road, north from the Park County Police Station. Go into the dressing rooms, found just behind the performance stage. With a help from Professor Chaos, open the Management doors. Go inside and proceed to your left, and you’ll find the memberberry on the couch. West from the Peppermint Hippo club go into the Skeeter’s Wine Bar. Proceed to your left, move the box and open the storage room doors (thanks to Craig Romain).

On the path to Canada, top northeast corner of the map. Past the berry farm, and next to the Canada sign (thanks to Craig). Top southeastern corner, on the Steed’s second floor, close to the Shi Tpa Town sign.

We’re not sure what the berries are for, except getting the title. You can’t eat them, they don’t show up in your inventory, there’s no achievement tied to collecting them, and they don’t seem to offer any kind of gameplay benefit. They’re a mystery, just like in the show, and they’ll bombard you with questions about your favorite childhood memories, just like in the show. They might just be there for comedic effect, which is fine, I suppose. We’ll update the guide as we discover more locations, and hopefully crack the memberberry puzzle. If you find a cluster we’ve missed, feel free to drop us a hint in the comments.



  1. C

    Inside the post office. On the shelves to the left.

  2. C

    On the path to Canada. Top right past the berry farm. Did it post not sure if available before that.

  3. C

    Inside BeBe’s house. On the kitchen counter.

  4. A

    Kevin Stoley’s house, living room coffee table.

  5. C
    Craig Romain

    Inside Skeeter’s Bar. Left side,open back door.

  6. C
    Craig Romain

    Inside Token’s house. Kitchen. Island countertop.

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    Happy to help. ?

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