Hatch 4 Eggs Pokemon GO Field Research Task

The Hatch 4 Eggs Pokemon GO Field Research Task is one of the many tasks that you can do in the Spring into Spring event. Of course, there are many “missions” that revolve around eggs, since it’s so close to Easter. The reward when you hatch four Eggs in Pokemon GO is a special encounter, so of course Trainers want to complete it. However, there seem to be some issues with the task that might impede your progress.

hatch 4 eggs pokemon go field research task
Hatch 4 Eggs Pokemon GO Field Research Task

Pokemon GO Hatch 4 Eggs Task, Field Research

The Hatch 4 Eggs Field Research Task in Pokemon GO requires you to, well, hatch four Eggs in Pokemon GO. The reward for doing so is an encounter with Chansey with a flower crown, which is just as adorable as it sounds. As far as we know, this spawn is exclusive to the Easter / Spring holiday event, so you should definitely get the Flower Chancey as soon as you can. On the surface, it’s as simple a task as can be – just walk far enough to hatch the appropriate amount of Eggs. Unfortunately, there seem to have been some problems that people have been encountering in this step, and we’re going to try and document them.

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One of the issues that you might encounter in the Pokemon GO Hatch 4 Eggs Field Research Task is that the game isn’t registering the distance properly, thereby “robbing” you of all the walking you’ve done. This can sometimes be fixed by rebooting the game, but not always. Another issue that might pop up is that you don’t get one of the event Pokemon from the 2km Eggs, which is another part of Spring into Spring. That’s about the extent of it that we know about for sure. There might be some kind of bug where the Flower Crown Chancey doesn’t spawn properly. Be sure to share your problems with this task in the comments below, and we’ll be sure to update the guide further. We’ll also try and find solutions together.

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