Pokemon Go How to Do Fast Catch Trick on Android

The fast catch trick in Pokemon Go is a glitch that you can exploit in order to skip the Pokeball shaking animation. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll catch the Pokemon, but it the fast catch glitch does make the process much faster. So, let’s explain how to perform the fast catch trick in Pokemon Go on Android, shall we?

Pokemon Go How to Do Fast Catch Trick on Android
Pokemon Go How to Do Fast Catch Trick on Android

How to Do Fast Catch Trick in Pokemon Go on Android?

To perform the fast catch trick in Pokemon Go on Android, the first step is to get into a Pokemon encounter. Once you do, throw a Pokeball at your target. As soon as the ball connects with the Pokemon you’re trying to capture, press the Back button on the bottom navigation bar. At this point, you should be back on the map screen, and, if you managed to catch it, the Pokemon should be in your storage.

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As you might have surmised by now, this little trick works only on Android devices that have the bottom navigation bar. So, if you’re playing via iOS, you’re out of luck. Second, this method does not guarantee that you’ll catch the Pokemon you’re after. The only thing it does is help you to go through the capturing process faster; specifically, it lets you jump over the Pokeball shaking animation. This can especially come in handy during time-sensitive events where capturing large numbers of Pokemon in short times. Again, just keep in mind that this doesn’t mean an automatically mean a successful throw. Aim and pitch as carefully as you normally would.

Now, there’s one more point we have to address here. There’s a fair likelihood that Niantic is going to do something about this glitch at some point. They might patch it out when they get wind of it, so I’d recommend you make as much use of this loophole as possible, before it gets closed.

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