Pokemon Go to Introduce Online Player Battles in Go Battle League

Niantic have announced a whole new online “mode” for Pokemon go, called Go Battle League. In it, you’ll cross Pokemon against other Trainers from all across the globe. There’s gonna be matchmaking, of course, and winning will let you climb up the League ladder. Sounds pretty fun. Unfortunately, if you’re excited for the Go Battle League, I hope you have the patience to match. We won’t be getting to play the League until early 2020.

Pokemon Go to Introduce Online Player Battles in Go Battle League
Pokemon Go to Introduce Online Player Battles in Go Battle League

As anybody with even a passing familiarity with Pokemon knows, battles are one of the gameplay cornerstones of the franchise. Pokemon Go is no different; battles have been one of the major aspects of the game. Against AI, though. Battles between players have only made their way to Pokemon Go relatively recently. And even then, you could only battle local people; a shame, considering the online nature of the game. Well, according to a post on the Pokemon Go website, that’s gonna change real soon.

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Starting some time in early 2020, the developers are gonna introduce the Go Battle League. Here’s how it’s gonna work. You’ll be able to walk around and earn your entry into the Go Battle League that way. Within the League, you’ll do battle against other Pokemon trainers from all across the world. Of course, the League will have an online matchmaking system to presumably pair up people of the same level. The goal? To rise through the ranks of the League and be the very best, like no one ever was, what else?

That’s all the info we have about the Go Battle League at the time of writing. Of course, Niantic are gonna reveal more info as the launch of the League comes closer, which, sadly, is some months away. Even if it releases on January 1st, which it definitely will not, it’s still gonna be a long wait. Hopefully, it’s gonna be worth it.

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